It is a unique program that allows severely wounded soldiers to receive specialized medical treatment in prestigious hospitals in the United States (Mayo Clinic and Baylor Medical Center). UFC currently has a partnership with the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, to ensure free treatment of 6 patients per year. To date, 29 beneficiaries have had 2,513 appointments, 139 surgeries, 1.055 hours of counseling with social workers and more than 55 doctors have participated in comprehensive rehabilitation treatments. Additionally, patients have had 5.138 Hours of physical therapy in the gym, 13.895 hours of English classes, 1.718 hours of computer system capacitation and two with visual impairment 326 hours of classes Braille and JAWS (special software for the visually impaired).


If you are interested in the mission of our foundation and want to help, you are welcome to donate, it can be in time or money, so we will make more people smile again.



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