Bogotá Half Marathon


On July 28th, United for Colombia participated in the Bogota Half Marathon, to support children and young victims of the conflict in Colombia. Under the logo of "Changing a Life", 512 people including participants, donors, and beneficiaries gathered to take steps to save a life.


Thanks to the support of our sponsors Bavaria, Biomax, Amarilo, Efecty, Yogen Fruz, El Corral, Alstom, Frisby, Crown Casinos and Codere we could participate in one the biggest sport events in Latinamerica.



Luz Emérita Ortiz, “Firm Steps Towards a Promising Future"


This is the title of an article in the official page of Conexión Colombia, highlighting how United For Colombia has helped Luz Emérita, who is now a high school student planning to get her beautician certificate and open her own salon.


To read the full article:



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Bingo for Beneficiaries


On Saturday, August 3rd, UFC held an afternoon Bingo for the beneficiaries and their families. This activity gave everyone the opportunity to socialize and share their life experiences, but above all, it allowed us all an evening full of surprises and joy.





12 Marathons 12 Months


Conexión Colombia, Corre Colombia, United For Colombia and Operación Sonrisa have been working since the beginning of the year with an initiative, which as its name suggests, seeks to organize 12 marathons, one every month of 2013 in a city in Canada, United States, or Colombia.


The goal is to raise funds for Operación Sonrisa and United for Colombia. To participate in the marathon, participants are asked to buy miles that would translate into money for each foundation.


As of August, marathons have been held in cities like Montreal, Toronto, Ocean City and Ottawa. More marathons are planned for cities like Las Flores in Medellin, Colombia; Chicago; New York; and Charlottesville.