United For Colombia Is a nonprofit organization, founded in Washington D.C. (U.S.A) in the year 2001, under the tax exemptions regulation -501 C3-, with the aim of sponsoring the rehabilitation of civilians and members of the public force, who had suffered critical injuries and have a high level of disability on account of the war on drugs and terrorism in Colombia.

In 2005, the Foundation was established in Colombia, based in Bogota, in order to support the action of UFC in the United States.

UFC has formed strategic alliances with various public and private entities to provide its beneficiaries with a comprehensive rehabilitation through specialized medical care, orthopedic treatments, cutting edge prosthesis, reconstructive surgeries, physical therapy and psychological treatments in order to improve their quality of life and facilitate social inclusion through education and the possibility to be productive in a workplace. Since 2005, UFC has provided 359 medical treatment and physical rehabilitation to 216 Colombians, of which 154 are members of the public forces and 62 are children and youngsters.



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